About Us

Welcome to Joyis, a London based fashion brand that merges traditional artisan products with contemporary fashion touches.
Joyis aims to bring to light the gifted artisans from Colombia and to share their culture rich in colour, vibrancy and artistic talent with the world. Every Joyis product is beautifully handcrafted in the traditional way and designed to create individualistic pieces for the free spirited fashion thinker.


Joyis was born "unofficially" by its founder Joanna Goad many moons ago. In June 2016 the website was officially launched.

Joanna's childhood nickname was 'Joyis'. She was born in London and and spent her childhood growing up in Colombia where South American fashion culture became a huge influence, some of which she brought back to London.  Joanna graduated from London College of Fashion in 2007 and has spent the last decade styling celebrities and hunting out new unique fashion brands.

Joyis was founded to bring beautiful Colombian products back to these shores and with them a little bit of South American sunshine!  The hats are made by the Wayuu indigenous people native to the Guajira region in Northern Colombia using age old techniques. Joyis works directly with the Wayuu community to develop new designs, adding a twist to traditional products with new colours and charming details. 


Joyis video SANTI from Joanna Goad on Vimeo.